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Nestled in the heart of Culver City since 2008, El Rio Bravo Restaurant stands as a beacon of authentic Mexican cuisine and familial warmth. With its vibrant atmosphere and rich aromas, it beckons patrons to indulge in a culinary journey through Mexico’s diverse flavors.

From sizzling fajitas to mouthwatering tacos, each dish is crafted with care, preserving traditional recipes passed down through generations.

Beyond its delectable menu, El Rio Bravo fosters a sense of community, welcoming guests as extended family. It’s a cherished gathering place where memories are made, and the spirit of Mexico thrives in every bite.

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Margaritas, Michelas, Jamaica, Horchata, Tamarindo, Pacifico, Tecate


Soccer, Football, Basketball


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Taco Tuesday

Come and join us every Tuesday for Taco Tuesday inside El Rio Bravo Restaurant, live music, sports, and lots of great Mexican Food and drinks.

Taco Carnitas - Taco


Call us to make a reservation, we have tables up to 30 people.

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